Wine 2

Wine 2


in the kitchen


kitchen wine bottles


It began with the making of The Great Wine. Three were given to the marketers; immortal, wisest and most rational of all beings. Seven to the SEO team, great miners and craftsmen of the backlinks. And nine, nine bottles were gifted to the Content Team, who above all else desired likes and shares. For within these bottles was bound the strength and will to get links and influence Google. But they were all of them deceived, for another bottle was made. In the land of Boston in the fires of the startup scene, the Dark Lord of Traditionalist Marketing forged, in secret, a Master Bottle to control all others. And into this bottle he poured his cliches, his slogans and his will to be irrelevant to the marketplace. One bottle to rule them all. A great battle was on the horizon - to win the hearts and minds of consumers.

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