Pears 2

Pears 2


in the kitchen


kitchen pears


Enrique was super excited about the basket he was bringing to the picnic. He managed to find a place that sold 100% organic corn-fed pears, grown in a "safe-space" where pears were free to be themselves without outside interference or manipulation. He wasn't sure what that meant but it sounded good when the Pear Sharer (they made sure to emphasize that they were sharing, not selling) was telling him about it. When he got to the park and started telling everyone about the new and exciting corn-fed pears, his niece Faith picked one up and showed him the sticker on one of the pears. It said that the pears were actually from a pear factory. Enrique was lied to, and walked away with his head hung in shame. He can't believe he got duped again.

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