Candy 2

Candy 2


in the kitchen


kitchen candy gummy


Juan was hellbent on finding a way out of this mess. In an effort to simplify his life and be more healthy, he was quitting sugar. From now on, he was going to be healthy. But some concerns arose when he took a step back and assessed his situation. He was a gummy prison guard at a secret government facility and had a major sweet tooth. His job was to test the security at the "Gummy Bear Prison" which housed some of the least violent and non-threatening political prisoners in the world.  Most of them were actually innocent. He'd already been rewarded three times for eating his way through the prison wall and letting a handful of prisoners escape, which exposed the major security vulnerability of the prison that nobody really knew what to do about. The new dilemma kept him up at night. What would it be - his health or his job?

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